Plans and reality

So originally this blog was supposed to be started on my 29th birthday, 9 months ago. For whatever reason, most probably laziness, it never happened. So here we are in October and I’m making an attempt to hopefully start this thing off!

This year so far has been such a mixed bag. The year started off pretty rubbish in all honesty. I was struggling with my mental health, stress and worry about my sons heart health, finances..It all got a bit much.

Somehow the year sort of improved. I can’t place where it happened but it did. For the first time in years since moving to Suffolk, I felt like I belonged. I had friends, I had a routine weekly that involved being an adult instead of “Mum” for a few hours. It felt good.

Now I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m struggling daily to even motivate myself to eat. I’m grumpy and I can see it’s effecting my kids. So my thinking is if I have a place to get all the things that are crowding my mind out and written down, I may be able to figure out myself why this vicious cycle keeps happening.

This blog is gonna be a bit random I suppose. Between rants and ramblings on anything from kids to wheels, I’ll probably touch on my sewing when I manage it. We are also hoping to get married in 2020, so a bit of planning and brainstorming may occur too. Just a bit of everything!


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