Friday antics

These past two Fridays have proved to be quite dramatic but revealing, it looks like some good may have come out of them after all. It’s also helped heal my paranoid worries that I’ve continually been putting my foot in it.. When it seems in reality it was just a matter of being an easy target I suppose. Hopefully next week is a bit calmer and I can enjoy my social sewing time instead of dread it in anticipation of an ear ache!

In other news I’m hoping to start sewing with my daughter more often. This weekend when my son naps, I plan to get her on the new machine and make something simple that she can use. I’ve no idea what yet but I’m hoping it will help us both to relax and enjoy each others company a bit more. We’ve been going through a tricky few weeks with out eldest. Her mood swings and outbursts have been trailing to say the least. Considering she’s only 5, it’s worrying for the future. I particularly dread the teenage years.

My sons been quite fragile too. Very angry over little things. He had an accident with our fridge yesterday that resulted in his bottom two milk teeth becoming wobbly and his gum looking quite bruised. We’re hoping it should be okay but seen as the local A&E refuse to see him and our dentist not accepting new patients, we don’t have much choice 😦


Patterns in life

Thinking back now, it’s funny when you see a pattern. Last September I joined a local group. In that group was a lady that was going through a lot. We all rallied around her to try and make her life as easy as we could. For whatever reason, she cut us all off quite suddenly. I didn’t take it well as I struggle getting to know people anyway.

Year or so later and shes back with a spoon in hand. It’s been nothing but a nightmare since. She’s again left with a big bang, this time accusing people of being negative and toxic in a group message before blocking everyone, namely myself as I stuck up for myself for once.

Oh well, you live and learn. Safe to say I wont fall into the pit again. I’m kinda glad it ended as it did as I can draw a line under it and be done.